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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Welch's Jelly Glasses - TheThrill of the Hunt

Oh, the 60s. Remember when jelly came in those colorful Welch's jelly jars and you couldn't wait to empty them so you could have your own personal favorite for your OJ? They were decorated with images of the Archies, Tom and Jerry, the Flintstones and later, Tigger, the Dinosaurs and on and on.

Collecting sets of these eclectic glasses has become a popular hobby and the hunt is definitely part of the fun. There are twenty six sets of Welch's glasses dating back to the early 1950's -- this Welch's tradition beginning with Howdy Doody.

You can also find other promotional glasses from several fast food restaurants such as McDonalds, Burger King and Hardees along with Pizza Hut and Taco Bell who distributed the popular promotional Disney glasses.

The Archie Series Jelly Glass was copyrighted by Archie Comic Publications in 1971 and is entitled "Sabrina Cleans Her Room". The Tigger Glass is from the "Pooh's Grand Adventure - The Search for Christopher Robbin" - Disney Enterprises. There are six glasses in each of these collections.

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