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Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's Art Pottery. It's Weller. Roma and Flemish Lines


Samuel Weller began making pottery in a log cabin in Fultenham, Ohio in 1872 as a one-man operation.

By 1895, Weller had moved his pottery operation to Zanesville, Ohio and his plant employed over 500 people. He was shipping three railroad cars of pottery per day and had become the largest maker of art pottery in the world.

An Austrian native, Rudolph Lorber, joined Weller in 1905 and was responsible for creating Weller's embossed lines until his retirement in 1940. These lines were beautifully designed and executed and included Roman from 1912 and a series of embossed naturalistic items around 1915, among them Flemish and Woodcraft.

Sam Weller's pottery survived until 1948 when it closed its doors and became a part of American history. 

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